Sit and Go Background

A Sit and Go tournament which can sometimes be known as SNG poker is an extremely popular choice for those taking part in online poker games. Certainly for beginners SNG poker is a good way as it offers them a chance to train in many areas of the game for a limited amount of money. But not only this it is a fun and exciting way to play and it provides you with experience of playing at the final table of a tournament.

Just like any other big tournament SNG requires that everybody buys in to the game for the same amount of money in order to get the same amount of chips. So for example if you enter a SNG game that is for $5 you are expected to bay $5 plus $0.50 (a fee for getting the 1000 chips that you need). For such a game the rewards to the winners would be as follows:-

First Place – $25
Second Place – $15
Third Place – $10

Normally a sit and go poker game will consist of between 6, 9 or 10 players although it can sometimes be as low as just 2 players and in some cases up to 50. Normally prize money will be split between the top three finishers of a tournament but this may change depending on how many entrants there are.

The rules relating to both SNG and regular poker cash games are generally the same. The only difference being is that you can play for as long as you want in a cash game. Whilst in a SNG poker game as soon as you lose all your chips then you will be eliminated from it.

Normally the blinds at the beginning of an SNG poker game are very small and good players will not normally gamble during the early stages of a game. However, once the blinds reach a higher level then this is the time when players should start playing more aggressively and start thinking about stealing their opponent’s chips.

Finally one more reason why SNG poker is now becoming so popular is because you do not have to take big risks whilst playing it. Also it can be very profitable if you can master the fine points of the game which makes your risk more manageable.

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Job Applications Today: How To Apply Online

Many local places can be great places to work. The employee morale at these companies can be truly exceptional. In fact, you can see the morale of these company’s employees for yourself just by visiting any number of nearby locations. But how do you apply for jobs there today? Employers send many applicants online now.

If you would like to become a part of a company’s’ large family of employees, you are going to need to fill out a job application form. The following paragraphs will guide you through the online job application: how to apply online in under 10 minutes.

The process of applying can be very simple and easy to complete. To get started simply review the positions that the organization currently needs to fill.

Since many companies are very large organizations, they have many different positions that need to be filled. Whether you are looking for a position that will utilize your carpentry skills or you are looking for a position that will utilize your corporate and people skills, many companies likely have openings for you.

Once you have reviewed the available positions, you should select the position you would like to fill from the list and then click the apply button. If you have already registered online, you can proceed with the rest of the application process at this point. On the other hand, if you are new to the online application process you will need to provide some basic information about yourself, including your social security number.

The process of applying online can speed up rather easily by selecting the type of job you would like to fill before you begin the application process. Many potential employees spend a great deal of time reviewing all of the positions that are available without giving much thought to the type of work they would like to do. By selecting the type of work you would like to do before you start searching through the available positions, you will be able to spot the jobs that fit your personal preferences quickly and easily.

There are many other methods you can use to apply to this company today, too. Some employees of this company commonly tell applicants to walk into a retail location and start talking with the human resources manager in order to apply. This face-to-face contact will help you make a memorable and favorable impression on the mind of the person who will eventually hire you. Applying online may make the application process much easier to handle overall, but you may want to contact a company directly to improve your chances of actually getting a good job.

5 Benefits From Playing An Instrument

I’ve been playing guitar and singing since I was 18. I bought a beginner guitar book along with my first guitar and immediately discovered the benefits of picking up an instrument. Here are the benefits I found from playing an instrument as they came to me in order.

Grow socially

As soon as I could hammer out a few covers, I started playing songs to my friends in South Africa around the fire. My popularity level increased rapidly as I never went to a social gathering without my 6string. Pretty soon I started writing songs about our lives and activities that everyone could relate too. Playing an instrument at that time and ever since, moved me towards the center of my social circle, a human-desirable spot.

Stimulate your mind

I can honestly say that learning to play the guitar essentially whilst still trying to improve today, has been a rewarding endeavor. It has definitely had a positive effect on keeping my mind fresh and stimulated. As I learned new chords, techniques, and methods I could expand my musical understanding as well as apply them into new songs. Similar to learning math, learning an instrument provides your mind with challenges that support healthy thought processes.

Stay active

The modern world we live in forces us to sit for a big part of the day. For hours we are behind our computers or desks with little body movement. Most of the time playing an instrument requires you to move around. You can even play most instruments while standing, which should be the preferred way. Even drummers, while sitting, are very active when making music. Carrying your instruments to venues and rehearsals, setting it up and breaking it down will also keep you active.

Rest your eyes

Along with the modern trend of sitting a lot, it is very common for people to stare and focus intensely on some sort of screen. Be it your television, computer, phone, or tablet we are asking a lot of our eyes in todays times. Whenever the opportunities arise where you can rest your eyes you should grab it with both hands, or eyes for that matter. Playing an instrument will primarily give you a chance to close your eyes and use your ears. This is a great form of relaxation with the combination of relaxed eyes and sound therapy.

Age gracefully

Growing older, the amount of activities that one can participate in diminishes. Thinking about sports, everything falls away with golf staying the longest. It is clear that people age more gracefully and better when they continue to stay social and stimulate their minds. Making music in any form, along with other companions is one of the activities one can do for the longest time. It has no negative effects on the body. I remember playing guitar while my grandfather would play harmonica deep into his eighties. It was an activity that I looked forward to each time I went to visit him.

So with this positive suggestion from playing an instrument why not pick up one yourself? The guitar is definitely and easy instrument to get started with as well as the bass. Chances are good that fruitful things will be a result of this new endeavor.

What to find practical ways to improve yourself?

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Can You Use Probability to Win at Slots

When we think of gambling, things like high-stakes poker, blackjack or roulette come to mind. But for those of you new to the casino scene, slots are the best way to start out. They’re simple and seemingly rely on random chance. Unfortunately, that’s what turns a lot of people off. Skilled gamblers can win big by mastering card games, for instance. But is it possible to use special strategies of probability to win at slots as well? Fortunately, it’s possible and boils down to two specific techniques.

Before we delve into winning strategies, let’s take a look at the types of machines you’ll probably encounter.

· Multipliers: These machines have a minimum cost to spin, but give you the option of betting more. In exchange, your potential return is doubled or even tripled.

· Nudge: Denoted by a set of spinning symbols with a horizontal line through the middle, the icons won’t necessarily line up every time. But despite this, it can still lead to a payout, making these a bit confusing to newbies.

· Second Chance: These are interesting, because, in addition to the main spinning section, there’s a secondary one that offers a bonus. So even if you lose, there’s still another shot with the same spin.

· Progressives: The machines following this formula gradually collect the losses from people’s spins and keep them in a pot. It grows and grows until someone wins it all (the “jackpot”).

There are frankly dozens of variations and new ones come out all the time, but these are just a few main models.

Technique #1: Knowing Your Chances

As a student, chances are you’ve grown up being told that the “house” (casino) always wins, or that the odds are significantly tipped against you. But nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is that slot machines are governed by certain laws, one of which is colloquially known as the “return to player (RTP)” This is the percentage of earnings across all machines that must be returned to players over time. It varies from state to state, so if you’re looking to use probability, location is your first step.

Las Vegas, for instance, is a gambler’s paradise, so it’s a great place to start out, right? Well, not really. In fact, the RTP in the state of Nevada is comparatively low, at only 75%. This basically means that, theoretically, every time you put in money, 25% will be lost over time. Unless you get a lucky pull, that cash will dwindle quickly. On average, most states fall into an RTP range of 80 to 85%.

Nonetheless, if you vary your location, then you can use probability to win. But there’s no way to consistently play and expect to come out on top every time. This basically means that you need to switch things up. Play a few rounds on one machine, then move on to the next. Random as they may seem, clearly there’s some kind of fixed mathematical algorithm in play.

Technique #2: Pay Big, Win Big

Casinos want your money, and one way they get it is to mess with your head. Fall for their subtle tricks, and it won’t be long before you’re pulled in (no pun intended).

Slots come in different price variations. Lately, we’ve seen a surge in “penny slots,” which literally charge one penny per spin. It may not sound like much, but what casinos don’t tell you is that the odds are extremely slim. In short, you get what you pay for.

If you want to maximize your chances of winning, then it’s best to gravitate to higher priced slot machines, like the five or ten dollar variations. At the very least, there’s a solid chance of winning back part of what you spin.

Getting Out There

The gambling world is an exciting place, when used in moderation. Slots might look intimidating at first, but the feeling you get when you land your first big win – and it will happen – is absolutely exhilarating. Just remember to experiment, be patient and be smart.

Cart Life Game Review (interview with the developer included) 3

Final Verdict

Personally, I am enthusiastically recommending Cart Life to my friends already (Free version to try first then purchase if they want to show support). It is just so refreshing to find a simulation game like this. It did not just try to simulate running a store like many of the retail sims we see today, it  pretty much simulated everything. What I mean is that I feel like the game gave me a sense of behind the scenes because the game simulated the life of the stand owners as well. The great thing about it is that the game doesn’t just give the playable characters backstories then call it a day. Cart Life offers the players the ability to help the characters go through whatever adversities they had to face. However, at the same time, the actions you decide for your characters to take will have consequences. I really love this aspect of the game because it makes it more real for me. The game also contains a LOT of detail which ties in everything very nicely. Of course like many games, it is not perfect. Some people have a hard time learning the game, so to others, the learning curve might be too high. Then there is people who were experiencing many bugs that rendered the game unplayable for them. Because of this, I recommend getting the free version first! Personally, I feel like people should still get the game (at least the free version until the game gets fixed enough where you are comfortable to purchase it) since there are ways around the common bugs, although I understand it can get frustrating. Also, the developer actually asks the people who purchased the game to go and report all the bugs they find to this one webpage dedicated to bug tracking. So the bugs will be fixed. If you are like me who wants to play something that stands out against the sea of similar retail sim games, I highly recommend Cart Life.

Cart Life Game Review (interview with the developer included) 2

Then there is the part I mentioned earlier on detail in simulation where you get your character to make his/her product by manually having them go through a series of steps. As I mentioned, it gets a bit stressful because you have a timer counting down and if you misclick you are going to have to start again from the beginning.

D: I could never do the steering right, so I end up losing time

Afterwards, if you are successful, before you can finish with the customer, you will be taken to the cash register where you will have to give the customer the right change. If you are just starting out, I suggest making it easier for yourself by pricing your items where it will enable you to calculate faster in your head. Take note, you only have a couple seconds to give them the change, so if youre still getting used to the countdown and the process of creating your products, you might end up getting flustered and consequently lose customers.


Some people reported getting multiple bugs, while others didnt even get one. The most common bugs I have heard about and experience is the cash register bug. The one I got was the disappearing change bug. In the beginning, I was too slow in handing over my customers change. However, instead of my money returning to my cash register, whatever I had taken out disappeared instead, even though the customers did not take my change. I eventually ran out of change. The only remedy I found was for you to wait until you get a customer that gives you an exact amount and supposedly after that your register will have money again. Then theres the bug where even though I was giving the right change to the customers, it kept saying it was wrong. I looked around the web and found a couple people experiencing this too (haha I aint THAT bad in math). Another I heard about was the cash register not opening. I read that you can solve this by waiting til the key stops moving before you open the register.


Cart Life Game Review (interview with the developer included)

Running Your Stand

I am not sure how it is yet for the other characters, but for the mother character, I am having a hard time balancing picking up my kid, with being on my stand long enough to make money. I had to start walking her at 7-8 am then I had to do the chores I need to do for my stand. The problem was, I had to travel to a couple places to get what I needed and I ended up not finishing all of them because I had to leave at least an hour or so earlier to pick her up, otherwise I’d be late. So in the beginning of the game, it took me a couple days to even set up my stand and finally start selling. So in terms of time and money management, this may be trickier than other retail sim games because you have to take into consideration what is happening with the characters lives. Having said that, it would be really wise to make sure you manage your time wisely by: checking the estimated arrival time of the 3 possible transportation you can take, as well as being weary of what time it is in game Note: it seems like some people are saying the ingame time is a bit too fast, it is 50/50 for me. The transportation, aside from walking, are closed on certain hours.

Taxis fee fluctuates, even though it is the fastest, it can make you broke fast too

Again, just like in real life, your stands success for the day varies. There is some days where I barely had customers, while other days, I have so many, I am rushing to get orders out. When you do have a customer, like I mentioned earlier, it is best to have a chat with them so you can learn their preference and dislikes because it will be beneficial for your business. Taking orders from them is quite fun. Sometimes you get asked questions to start serving the customer, while other times, you have to type exactly the sentence that will be shown on the screen like so: