Cart Life Game Review (interview with the developer included) 3

Final Verdict

Personally, I am enthusiastically recommending Cart Life to my friends already (Free version to try first then purchase if they want to show support). It is just so refreshing to find a simulation game like this. It did not just try to simulate running a store like many of the retail sims we see today, it ¬†pretty much simulated everything. What I mean is that I feel like the game gave me a sense of behind the scenes because the game simulated the life of the stand owners as well. The great thing about it is that the game doesn’t just give the playable characters backstories then call it a day. Cart Life offers the players the ability to help the characters go through whatever adversities they had to face. However, at the same time, the actions you decide for your characters to take will have consequences. I really love this aspect of the game because it makes it more real for me. The game also contains a LOT of detail which ties in everything very nicely. Of course like many games, it is not perfect. Some people have a hard time learning the game, so to others, the learning curve might be too high. Then there is people who were experiencing many bugs that rendered the game unplayable for them. Because of this, I recommend getting the free version first! Personally, I feel like people should still get the game (at least the free version until the game gets fixed enough where you are comfortable to purchase it) since there are ways around the common bugs, although I understand it can get frustrating. Also, the developer actually asks the people who purchased the game to go and report all the bugs they find to this one webpage dedicated to bug tracking. So the bugs will be fixed. If you are like me who wants to play something that stands out against the sea of similar retail sim games, I highly recommend Cart Life.

Cart Life Game Review (interview with the developer included) 2

Then there is the part I mentioned earlier on detail in simulation where you get your character to make his/her product by manually having them go through a series of steps. As I mentioned, it gets a bit stressful because you have a timer counting down and if you misclick you are going to have to start again from the beginning.

D: I could never do the steering right, so I end up losing time

Afterwards, if you are successful, before you can finish with the customer, you will be taken to the cash register where you will have to give the customer the right change. If you are just starting out, I suggest making it easier for yourself by pricing your items where it will enable you to calculate faster in your head. Take note, you only have a couple seconds to give them the change, so if youre still getting used to the countdown and the process of creating your products, you might end up getting flustered and consequently lose customers.


Some people reported getting multiple bugs, while others didnt even get one. The most common bugs I have heard about and experience is the cash register bug. The one I got was the disappearing change bug. In the beginning, I was too slow in handing over my customers change. However, instead of my money returning to my cash register, whatever I had taken out disappeared instead, even though the customers did not take my change. I eventually ran out of change. The only remedy I found was for you to wait until you get a customer that gives you an exact amount and supposedly after that your register will have money again. Then theres the bug where even though I was giving the right change to the customers, it kept saying it was wrong. I looked around the web and found a couple people experiencing this too (haha I aint THAT bad in math). Another I heard about was the cash register not opening. I read that you can solve this by waiting til the key stops moving before you open the register.


Cart Life Game Review (interview with the developer included)

Running Your Stand

I am not sure how it is yet for the other characters, but for the mother character, I am having a hard time balancing picking up my kid, with being on my stand long enough to make money. I had to start walking her at 7-8 am then I had to do the chores I need to do for my stand. The problem was, I had to travel to a couple places to get what I needed and I ended up not finishing all of them because I had to leave at least an hour or so earlier to pick her up, otherwise I’d be late. So in the beginning of the game, it took me a couple days to even set up my stand and finally start selling. So in terms of time and money management, this may be trickier than other retail sim games because you have to take into consideration what is happening with the characters lives. Having said that, it would be really wise to make sure you manage your time wisely by: checking the estimated arrival time of the 3 possible transportation you can take, as well as being weary of what time it is in game Note: it seems like some people are saying the ingame time is a bit too fast, it is 50/50 for me. The transportation, aside from walking, are closed on certain hours.

Taxis fee fluctuates, even though it is the fastest, it can make you broke fast too

Again, just like in real life, your stands success for the day varies. There is some days where I barely had customers, while other days, I have so many, I am rushing to get orders out. When you do have a customer, like I mentioned earlier, it is best to have a chat with them so you can learn their preference and dislikes because it will be beneficial for your business. Taking orders from them is quite fun. Sometimes you get asked questions to start serving the customer, while other times, you have to type exactly the sentence that will be shown on the screen like so: