5 Benefits From Playing An Instrument

I’ve been playing guitar and singing since I was 18. I bought a beginner guitar book along with my first guitar and immediately discovered the benefits of picking up an instrument. Here are the benefits I found from playing an instrument as they came to me in order.

Grow socially

As soon as I could hammer out a few covers, I started playing songs to my friends in South Africa around the fire. My popularity level increased rapidly as I never went to a social gathering without my 6string. Pretty soon I started writing songs about our lives and activities that everyone could relate too. Playing an instrument at that time and ever since, moved me towards the center of my social circle, a human-desirable spot.

Stimulate your mind

I can honestly say that learning to play the guitar essentially whilst still trying to improve today, has been a rewarding endeavor. It has definitely had a positive effect on keeping my mind fresh and stimulated. As I learned new chords, techniques, and methods I could expand my musical understanding as well as apply them into new songs. Similar to learning math, learning an instrument provides your mind with challenges that support healthy thought processes.

Stay active

The modern world we live in forces us to sit for a big part of the day. For hours we are behind our computers or desks with little body movement. Most of the time playing an instrument requires you to move around. You can even play most instruments while standing, which should be the preferred way. Even drummers, while sitting, are very active when making music. Carrying your instruments to venues and rehearsals, setting it up and breaking it down will also keep you active.

Rest your eyes

Along with the modern trend of sitting a lot, it is very common for people to stare and focus intensely on some sort of screen. Be it your television, computer, phone, or tablet we are asking a lot of our eyes in todays times. Whenever the opportunities arise where you can rest your eyes you should grab it with both hands, or eyes for that matter. Playing an instrument will primarily give you a chance to close your eyes and use your ears. This is a great form of relaxation with the combination of relaxed eyes and sound therapy.

Age gracefully

Growing older, the amount of activities that one can participate in diminishes. Thinking about sports, everything falls away with golf staying the longest. It is clear that people age more gracefully and better when they continue to stay social and stimulate their minds. Making music in any form, along with other companions is one of the activities one can do for the longest time. It has no negative effects on the body. I remember playing guitar while my grandfather would play harmonica deep into his eighties. It was an activity that I looked forward to each time I went to visit him.

So with this positive suggestion from playing an instrument why not pick up one yourself? The guitar is definitely and easy instrument to get started with as well as the bass. Chances are good that fruitful things will be a result of this new endeavor.

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