Cart Life Game Review (interview with the developer included) 2

Then there is the part I mentioned earlier on detail in simulation where you get your character to make his/her product by manually having them go through a series of steps. As I mentioned, it gets a bit stressful because you have a timer counting down and if you misclick you are going to have to start again from the beginning.

D: I could never do the steering right, so I end up losing time

Afterwards, if you are successful, before you can finish with the customer, you will be taken to the cash register where you will have to give the customer the right change. If you are just starting out, I suggest making it easier for yourself by pricing your items where it will enable you to calculate faster in your head. Take note, you only have a couple seconds to give them the change, so if youre still getting used to the countdown and the process of creating your products, you might end up getting flustered and consequently lose customers.


Some people reported getting multiple bugs, while others didnt even get one. The most common bugs I have heard about and experience is the cash register bug. The one I got was the disappearing change bug. In the beginning, I was too slow in handing over my customers change. However, instead of my money returning to my cash register, whatever I had taken out disappeared instead, even though the customers did not take my change. I eventually ran out of change. The only remedy I found was for you to wait until you get a customer that gives you an exact amount and supposedly after that your register will have money again. Then theres the bug where even though I was giving the right change to the customers, it kept saying it was wrong. I looked around the web and found a couple people experiencing this too (haha I aint THAT bad in math). Another I heard about was the cash register not opening. I read that you can solve this by waiting til the key stops moving before you open the register.