Cart Life Game Review (interview with the developer included)

Running Your Stand

I am not sure how it is yet for the other characters, but for the mother character, I am having a hard time balancing picking up my kid, with being on my stand long enough to make money. I had to start walking her at 7-8 am then I had to do the chores I need to do for my stand. The problem was, I had to travel to a couple places to get what I needed and I ended up not finishing all of them because I had to leave at least an hour or so earlier to pick her up, otherwise I’d be late. So in the beginning of the game, it took me a couple days to even set up my stand and finally start selling. So in terms of time and money management, this may be trickier than other retail sim games because you have to take into consideration what is happening with the characters lives. Having said that, it would be really wise to make sure you manage your time wisely by: checking the estimated arrival time of the 3 possible transportation you can take, as well as being weary of what time it is in game Note: it seems like some people are saying the ingame time is a bit too fast, it is 50/50 for me. The transportation, aside from walking, are closed on certain hours.

Taxis fee fluctuates, even though it is the fastest, it can make you broke fast too

Again, just like in real life, your stands success for the day varies. There is some days where I barely had customers, while other days, I have so many, I am rushing to get orders out. When you do have a customer, like I mentioned earlier, it is best to have a chat with them so you can learn their preference and dislikes because it will be beneficial for your business. Taking orders from them is quite fun. Sometimes you get asked questions to start serving the customer, while other times, you have to type exactly the sentence that will be shown on the screen like so: